William Kentridge

Hi! Frances here! Nurdan had some problems in adding this today so she emailed the material to me, and I am trying to post it for her. I also had some problems with adding the images, but I’ll try later. Meanwhile, she says: ‘ 

Anyway I really wanted to introduce you this artist: William Kentridge

I first heard about him during my studies in my second year in Berlin and I think that he is a great artist.

He was born in 1955 in Johannesburg in South Africa. His parents were both well known as lawyers, who substituded the rights of the victims of apartheit.

So growing up as a an ethnic european in southafrica, one of the main points in his works is the search for identity, as well as trying to picture up the history and the living circumstances between the wealthy white people and the black people living as outsiders during the time of apartheit and beyond.

Beside doing  drawings and printings as his main method, he since 1989 started to do short films, producing them in the same way like old animation films. he draws a picture, filming it for 1 to 2 seconds, whipe it away and draw the next picture. Using the whole time just one sheet of paper. so basically in his films you can see in each scene the preview picture of it.

I really like the way he is combining this two elements, drawing and filming and the fact that he uses one sheet of paper so that each individual drawing becomes actually a part of the next one.

In this case, for me he creates a total new way to use the expressivenesse of a drawing and the descriptive element of the film to make an even more intensive statement of his reality or his point of view.

here is a link to a short film on youtube, with comments of the artist.



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