Workshop 3

  I will introduce honoré-Victorin Daumier’s caricatures. Daumier is French artist whose many works were famous in France in the 19th century.


  First picture was called “Gargantua” that was made of lithograph. This picture was drawn to attack Louis Philippe I king of the French and the corruption of politics on the article of satire “La Caricature. Daumier drew king as big ugly man. This picture was popular in France. However, he was arrested for insulting to king. It means that in those days to insult the power of the state was dangerous.

Don Quixote

  Second picture was called “Don Quixote”, which theme is a Spanish novel “Don Quixote”. He drew a lot, in that theme. It is thought that he compared the hero of the story with himself. Because one of the theme of story is idealism.


2 thoughts on “Workshop 3

  1. I think Daumier is a very good example for our topic this week. I went to the exhibition in Berlin, where you ha a large collection of different works of him, such as sculptures, prints, and works from private collections. it is said that he was drawing most of his works by his memorys, which you can see through the way he draw the faces of his characters. At some point you could see the similarity in the faces. unfortunately he wasn’t a man of big words as it seems since there aren’t any interviews or reputations of himself to learn about his ideas or his impulses of drawing.

  2. I agree, Daumier is a good subject for this weeks topic, he was a deeply political artist and he was recruited by a radical editor to one of the first illustrated journals, produced using the new invention of lithography. Lithography made it easy to produce illustrated papges, and as a medium it also allowed fast, sketchy and violent markings–as i said in my lecture, we see some really interesting expressive marks on Daumier’s prints, not just scribbles and sketchy marks, and a cloud of pentimenti-style marks around figures that creates a kind of ‘steam’ of movement and potential movement, but in the prints we also see scratches and erasures too, where he has taken out the inky marking, again in fast movement. the whol ething creates asense of urgency an dimmediacy that is very eprsuasive and journalistic

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