Chihiro Iwasaki

Chihiro Iwasaki is famous as an painter of picture books in Japan.

I’ll introduce her book, and her effort that how she tried to create new field in the  picture books.


This pictures are parts of the picture book “Senka no naka no kodomotachi” (“Children in the war”)

In this book , she draw  many children who live in the war. She published this book in the era of Vietnam-war. Actually, she experienced the tragedy of World War 2, and had opposed to the war, hated , angered. She really loved peace, children flower, beautiful and everything. So she expressed her feelings against the war through this book ,hoped that all people, especially all children could live in peace. I think she used book to show the tragedy of the war, and called everyone “Save children!” “Save peace”

Not only express her mind, she tried to make new kinds of picture book. She omitted almost all of words  and told the story only few words and pictures. She aimed for making the picture books which are put emphasis on images.

I think that her expression and aim went well in this book, and created strong expression.

There are only few words ,but everyone be able to under stand everything.


One thought on “Chihiro Iwasaki

  1. This is a very nice example because the images are gentle but they are used to form a strong message against violence. Lots of polemical images and manifesto-style cartoons are violent in form and in meaning, trying to attack, humiliate and destroy hated ideas or activities. You have chosen somethign that shows how non-violent protest might work in drawing. I believe the lack of words is a part of that, and the form of th edrawing using colour. It makes the viewer look slowly and calmly, and start to meditate in a realm that is non-verbal, to take pleasure and to taste th epleasures of peace, if that isn’t too fancy a way of expressing it. This was a very clever choice!

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