stand up to bullying




“Bullying”, by TheWhiteDeer

There is little to nothing known about the artist of this ongoing series. Simply going by The White Deer on all her social media, it’s quite hard to pinpoint if these drawings reflect her personal experiences. However, I find that her style of drawing as well as the purpose of this series work very well in sending the intended message across.

I’ve always been told that everything about a poster or a drawing or anything that can be designed is there for a reason whether the intention is there or not. The decision to draw the subjects facing away from the viewers (although used a lot in campaigns such as this) is highly effective as it tells them that it could happen to anyone of their children. I find that with the presence of a face, it would limit the bullying and name-calling to how the face would look like.

I’m also very intrigued by the way the subjects are positioned: not facing exactly 180degrees away from the viewer but at an angle. When I look at the drawings, I always think that the subjects are helpless to the bullying, that they cannot face the bullying directly face-to-face, that they turn away from help because they know no help would come. I cannot help but sympathise (and empathise) with these faceless subjects.

In regards the drawing style, as someone who loves realism and practices it, I adore the way everything else is drawn in a simple manner – the most minimal of shadow here and there – whilst the hair is done realistically with an almost hyperrealistic touch to it. I find it really effective because it brings attention to the captions and holds it long enough for the message to go through.


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