Asami Ohara- workshop#3

For the third workshop activity, I’d like to introduce an illustrator/comic book artist called Luke Pearson. He exhibited his work at the Victoria and Albert museum in London this summer. The exhibition, ‘Memory Palace’ was taken by multiple artists,  was a collection of artwork inspired by Hari Kunzru’s nobel with the same title.  Every artist picked a couple of sentences from the book, and his/her work is based on those words.  The ones Luke chosen were below.

‘When I was first seized and brought here, I was beaten, then left alone for several days. The only water was in the slop pail. ‘


His work is black and white comics drawn on a wall. The comics obviously are telling the story, so you can easily see a link between the work and the book. I think the entire piece of  work looks like an architectural drawing, and I like it. The each illustration is interesting, which is simple but showing what you imagine when you read. In the way, I can say this is not just a translation of the story but more of an independent series of artwork.




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