Workshop 2


Oscar Niemeyer‘s architectural works have a distinctive and recognizable style but what impacts me more are his drawings and how they are still recognizable in the final building. The lines are minimal and clean; they are supposed to say everything that’s essential.

He said that drawing drove him to architecture, in the search of light and astonishing forms and he as a child used to draw with his fingers in the air, picturing the drawings and correcting them. Later in his life he said that architecture was in his head and he was able to do a project entirely in his mind, without the need of a pencil.

He used drawing not only as representation of something but also as an instrument of reflection and registering ideas.

For him beauty should be valued more than anything, the beauty that is manifested in a curved line or in an act of creativity.

Niemeyer wasn’t attracted by the right angle or the straight, hard and inflexible lines created by men.

Instead he said he preferred the curves and considered them essential to his art because they are the essence of his country Brazil. Everything natural around us is  organic in form.If the line is beautiful and creates surprise, he could transform it in a superior art form.



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