Blue Peter, sixth edition – Jonathan Monk

Blue Peter, sixth edition - Jonathan Monk

Due to the alarm I didn’t get the chance to tell you all about the book I had, its too good not to share so thought Id post it here instead. It looks like an album, the kind you used to get as a present at christmas perhaps. Filled with the years excitement from your favourite TV show. But on closer inspection its a collage of images and invitations, pictures and text arranged in a scrap book style. Which means to read them you have to turn the book upside down and around, (I liked that). The invitations and images are for exhibitions, works, events from major international artists such as Bruce Nauman, CY Twombly, Joseph Kosuth amongst others. But you can still read parts of the antics of the blue peter team along side these which are as interesting as the invites, some more so. I thought it encouraged a consideration of “importance” the elite residing with the accessible. Its a great book. he published it after a show in Tramway in 2008, yet it looks older than that. It reminds me of annuals given to to me when I was wee, that excitement and accessibility they have is valuable. Within grasp.


One thought on “Blue Peter, sixth edition – Jonathan Monk

  1. Yes, I chose this book because it had a kind of layered charm, glamour, the ‘Blue Peter’ stuff is both thrilling because the kid watching it (like one’s yourner self) was enraptured, amused and creative when watching, also outmoded, banal and a bit odd looking in retropsect–in fact a perfect kind of example of why artists always value so-called ‘mass culture’. Whatever, it definitely gives lustre to the artists associated with its pages. I also agree it does look a lot older than its date of production–this is a good example of the medium speaking, of print being, in my partisan view, a kind of drawing tool.

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