Atsuko Myochi :Workshop2

I have selected this drawing by Alberto Giacometti. I’m interested in his all kinds of art works andphilosophy.

Please Look at this drawing carefully .You’ll be able to see myriad lines which shape these motifs.


Giacometti Femme debout et tête d’homme, 1960

This drawing took my breath away when I saw it first time. I think as if these lines been alive, and they were about to moving. There are myriad lines which looks draw strongly and quickly…  And there are  strength and weakness and  rhythm. I think maybe he started to draw by weak line at first, and it had been little by little stronger ,same as his eye’s moving. These effects give the motifs as if they were alive,breathed and gazed real world from inside of the paper.

I’d like to introduce some of his words which relate to his drawings. he also be good at writing. his words and some poems are amazing too. (Second one is little bit long, so if you interested in his word after reading first one, please continue to read.)

1.  The adventure, great adventure is every day to see something new emerge in the same face, and this is greater than any journey around the world.

2.   I do not work for the purpose of creating lovely pictures or lovely sculptures. Art is nothing but a means of seeing. What ever I look at, I am astonished, surprised,and I do not exactly know what I see. It is just as if reality were always behind a screen-and there is another…and yet another. But I have impression or illusion that I am making progress every day. This is what stimulates me, as if one should at last get to the point of understanding the secret of life. And one continues, knowing very well that nearer one gets to the “thing” , the further it moves away. The distance between me and the models tends to grow steadily.; the nearer one gets, the further the thing moves away. It is endless quest.

I think his way of drawing is just same as his words. I can image from his drawings that he was exploring and drawing quickly before varnishing the image which he saw. he was trying to understand the motifs, the world to see and draw. I think he saw little bit different images after he finish to draw one line, he saw different world every time when he saw them. I think that’s why his drawings are composed from myriad living lines. And I also think his sculpture were made same way.

Everyday,every time,every second, he just kept looking and tried to grasp in front of him, namely this world.

I also would like  to keep looking and explore in this world like him.


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