2nd Post


Chuck Close

Self-Portrait, 2007

203-color silk screen

74 1/2 × 57 3/4 in

“Primal means of symbolic communication.”

I came across an artist, Chuck Close, honestly whilst I was attempting to gather last minute ideas off google to put in this weeks blog. Although probably not the most original way of gathering research I’m so happy I found him.                                   

It seems to me he is an artist by nature, a designer by craft and a combination of the two by choice, blurring the lines of art and design.

“Close stressed the importance of his current prints (“I know my work is not going to be in every city in the world…so if someone sees a print, I want it to be a work of art that’s just as compelling, just as rigorously arrived at as a painting, because that might be all they’ll see”)”

The materials and methods he has used to make this print are typical to designers creating a collection or series of fabrics. Yet the subject of this art is so traditional and symbolic of century old art. His desire to make an impact and powerful impression on the viewer is achieved by a compromise and overlay of the two. It seems almost controversial how he wants it to be accepted as either if you can’t even define what it is.                                                                   

He brings the focus of the print onto the drawing (instead of the normal, border or the colour, or pattern), he is then simultaneously putting a playful and unconventional spin on the tradition portrait by using silkscreen and computers(instead of the expected paints, collage etc.)


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