Kate Downie – In Depth Interview with Junction 47

Kate Downie

In Depth Interview with Junction 47

charcoal and street dirt on primed paper

122  x 240 cm


This particular drawing by Kate Downie depicts an un-named junction in Edinburgh. I found this drawing to be interesting as Downie focuses on an aspect of the world that we all overlook – a traffic junction – and treats it like a motion drawing.

I found the intangibility of this drawing fascinating; the scene lacks figures but the dense and blurred sections suggest remains of the bustling urban life that had passed over the junction before. The vague mapping of the public’s movements is balanced with fine lines that have been applied to suggest the structure of the buildings.

In addition, her drawing not only represents an area but conveys a wider experience of it. Downie isn’t interested in representing the junction accurately, but instead to look at the process of layering with both subtle and strong mark-making.


One thought on “Kate Downie – In Depth Interview with Junction 47

  1. This is such a satisfying drawing–the artist moves around and scans a panorama, so the perspective curves away with that rotation–not to mention the layering and erasures. It’s like some of the Dutch ‘Golden Age’ rotating panoramic views with views along different streets, with show-off perspective constructions that are disorienting at the same time as offering information in plenty. To me this manifests a trust in the process and the endurance of making a drawing, trusting the process and keeping going through it and knowing that something good will come out of going through with it.

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