I have selected these life drawings as I felt that in making them
I achieved something of what I wanted to achieve through drawing.
They are basic line drawings with no suggestion of tone- this
is partly because they were done in a limited time frame of less
than a minute.
I felt these Drawings were more successful as, although far from anatomically
correct, they are more or less naturally proportioned and in the quick lines I can see myself
beginning to understand the forms of the body, how the muscles interact, where the weight
is distributed etc. I can also see myself quickly trying to identify key angles and relationships, foreshortening and key “landmarks” of the body to pin the drawing down. All this is happening at quite a fast rate and I think this intuitiveness seems to pay off more than in a more “considered” long term approach, in which the mind has time to project its own prejudices and preferences on to what it “sees.”
The first drawing is the least anatomically correct- as it is a figure in motion I ended up with a cubist approach to space with the model twisting through two viewpoints in the one image, the knees and lower legs disappearing in the process while showing the movement.
There are also some examples of the shorthand that occurs in drawing- for example the cross “+” shapes used in the second drawing to show the lines in the back of the knee joints.
They also show how leaving the line disconnected at points and heavier at others can convey a sense of tone and form through line, as well as the relationship between the model and the sheets in the third drawing, clutching the pillow etc.
foci - CopyP1070285


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