marking the page–starting over in wordpress

manifest: -other artists’ work: what is the artist’s manifesto / what message is manifested in the drawing? Post at least one image and 100-300 words of reflection, analysis and context. You will post your material before the beginning of this week (i.e. by 13th October at the latest), and will have reviewed the range of contributions ready for this week’s brainstorming session in the lecture venue.

marking the page masson This drawing by Andre Masson ‘Kitchen Rebellion’ (1940) is in Deanna Petherbridge’s book of 2010 that I used when I was ‘pitching’ this elective option. Masson was a surrealist artist usually more interested in automatic scribbling processes than in this kind of careful linear marking, but of course it’s still deliberately perverse,  a kind of anti-life drawing, and an expression of anger, he was stranded waiting to try to leave Europe during the war and not sure if he and his family might get a ship. So we get a clear statement of a world turned upside down, when the table and knives get going to cut up the cook…


One thought on “marking the page–starting over in wordpress

  1. Hello, I cant post yet as Im not a contributor yet. But Ill comment instead for now. I have chosen two images of Claude Heaths Ben Nevis, and I will post them with further detail of the manifesto I see in these drawings. Their really gorgeous apart from anything else!

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